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Traditional Monday morning catch up with diary time.

Friday night was pretty boring, so planned to go to Jo's first thing Monday. Mum and Dad were still there, and it's great to see the nephews as per usual.

Saturday afternoon was invited to Tanja's. Was actually really nice. Time flew by, and we spent time chatting, fixing computers, or solving ADT problems :o) It was just really good to be in the company of another human being, and I felt really alive for once. I stayed there til around 1 or 2 am I think. Unbelievably I got home and still couldn't sleep.

I woke up early Sunday (God, when will I ever sleep!) and played some Dungeon Siege til after lunch. Then played DAoC on and off. Got killed a few times, but leveled to 21. Thought a lot about moving to Switzerland.

The big Sunday downer was the financial situation. I now owe massive amounts on one CC, massive amounts on my original CC, I am badly overdrawn, my shares are doing badly, I hit supertax last month so paid almost £1000 in tax (fucking shares) and have about £2000 less in my account than I thought.

I am financially fucked, and had a kinda own it up talk with my Mum. I have given her my credit cards on the basis that she will give me enough money for food and petrol, for the time being at least. I am going to have to sell my shares before the hols on 10th of May otherwise I cannot afford to pay off CC A. As for the overdraft and CC B .... God knows when I can pay those off. Gonna take a year or so of financial bread and water.
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