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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Hmmm, well a rather crappy week at work (which won't get to me, which won't get to me, repeat ad nauseam) has been mitigated by Luciane asking me to go on holiday with her to Europe! Eek!

I'm wondering whether this might be a very stupid thing to do (to go on holiday with someone I've never met in the flesh) but it might also be a very good thing to do. Who knows!

Anyway, she's still thinking about it.

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short?

Straight and short(ish)

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?

Just the usual thinning and greying

3. How do your normally wear your hair?

Au naturel (sometimes with a little "clay" to give it some lift)

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?

Hmmmm, I like black hair (which I already have) but just to give it a little more life. Perhaps some crazy curls or something. Perhaps a Grade 1 all over? I just want one of those haircuts that looks fab but natural :-)

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened?

My Mum cut it. "Don't worry she said, I can do it really short and it will look OK." She destroyed it. Everyone at College wondered what the hell had happened. I had to go to a hairdressers the next day, and they took it down to Grade 2 to take out the mistakes. Mind you, the resulting hair cut at from the hairdressers was surprisingly good (and a new style for me!), so there was a silver lining :-)

Trev (at work) told me that I had greatly impressed someone by my nagging for work, I assume he meant Ian (my boss) but he refused to be specific. I didn't say it to impress anyone though, and I still need more damn work! >:-(

Birthday aggro. My Mum comes up and tells me that she is struggling to find stuff on my presents list. "Errr, my birthday is on Sunday Mum. I warned you a month ago that this stuff would be hard to find, and that you would have to order it from the Internet." ... for fucks sake, what do I have to do? The whole point of a birthday is to do something spontaneous is it not? This is virtually handing it to someone on a plate, and yet they still can't cope. I tried to explain this to my Mum, and the conversation ended from me with "just give me the money...". Duh! I find it very frustrating when people are incapable of the most basic tasks. I also find it rather saddening when it's my Mum who is supposed to be showing she cares, as some half-heared last minute affair (as per usual). I find it really upsetting! Plus I feel guilty for being difficult, yet why the hell should I feel guilty?!

I guess I'll add a caveat to my list in no uncertain terms, for the dumb >:-(

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My Mum always asks me for a list, although to be honest I reckon I'm quite easy to buy for.  As I recall they still sent me money last year, and possibly the year before that too.  When I ask my parents for any clues though (and I reckon they are considerably more difficult to buy for than I am) they are usually very little help at all!

I find it really frustrating (still) that I went to all the effort to try and help people out (as apparently I'm very difficult to buy for) yet they still ignored all the effort I went to! <fume>

I told my sister about the list months ago as well, and she was going to buy me something completely different!

Personally I hate making present lists, or asking for specific things, as I feel like I'm rudely saying "buy me things!".

I guess it's part of my efficient nature, and I mean nothing rude by it.

I'd much rather people bought me things I want, rather than things they think I want (and have got wrong in the past). It wastes their money most importantly. This way, everyone's happy! :-)

Heheh wow
As kewl as a european holiday would be, not sure i could just go with someone I didnt know ... but I know at times I am overly paranoid. If you do go dont forget to bring back lots of pics :D

Yeah, it's a chance either way. I've done one holiday with someone else I didn't know, and it was a disaster. Plus another holiday with someone I did know (a friend from work) and that was still a disaster! It's amazing how people can be different when you're with them 24/7ish. Of course I have also had holidays with people that worked out...

Its amazing how much different ppl are constantly, or even in rl as opposed to on here. Thats why I dont get net relationships - you meet someone in rl and they might have all these annoying little habits that really you get no idea of online. Will never understand how ppl can fall for others without meeting them first.

Oops going off topic arent i? hehe *blush*

There ain't no off-topic here baby! :-)

There are pros and cons to every "relationship" I think. I have a friend, a very centred intelligent friend, who met his now wife on the net (she lives in the USA and he lived in the UK). They had a kid a year or so ago as well. This isn't to say they didn't have some problems, but it can happen and work.

I think meeting someone via IM gives you the chance to get to know someones mind, assuming they're being honest. It's just another way to meet someone, in a world that seems to be more lonely than it ever was before (from my perspective).

I met Luciane in a somewhat special way though. She works for the company I used to work for (albeit in Brazil). I was moaning to a US colleague about relationships and being single, and she started a chat room up with me, her and Luciane :-) She's a good friend of Luciane's, and has met her, and thought we would make a good couple (apparently Luciane thought the same thing). I like the way she looks, she's good to talk to, we have similar hobbies and likes, we even followed similar careers. It's a start anyway ;-)

Either way, my heart believes in fairy tales, but my brain doesn't. So I'm still partly grounded in reality. Luciane and I admit there's some chemistry, but we also said lets just meet as friends and see what happens, assuming we do meet. She does seem motivated to do that at least. I find that relationships are nothing without motivation and drive from both sides.

Heheh Awww
I am not saying they never work, like your friends with the babies, it works for some ppl - but unfortunately I think theyre rare? Too many ppl seem not totally honest on here or they build the other person up into something theyre not .... so when they meet them theyre far from how they pictured the person?

But it does work occassionally. I think youre being sane being just friends and moving slow and seeing what happens. It doesnt build the pressure up too soon, and hopefully gives yous a chance to meet and learn the real person. I think too that ppl that meet in rl sooner rather than later have a better chance? At least has seemed that way with friends. It is good your heart believes though, gives you something to smile about. Maybe go on the holiday but not for too long in case it doesnt work? Then if it does well can always plan something else?

Yeah, I guess I wasn't saying that online relationships are a perfect way of working things either ;-) Ultimately you have to meet that person for real. I would get bored very quickly with an online romance, because I would want to meet that person.

Either way I have to take all the chances I can get, as they are few and far between atm! ;-)

I would get bored with them just well I dont want to live without snugs - been in enough long distance crud to know it gets old :/

I dont blame you though for taking the chance, dont get me wrong - and yous are getting on so well from sounds of it that youd be silly not to :D Just unfortunate she is far away, so when are you going to bribe her to move? heh

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