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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
BB Piano
I forgot to mention that we had an office move in the middle of last week. I now face (who I find to be) the most attractive girl in the office, which is not doing me any good at all! I don't find this girl just pretty. She's jaw droppingly knee knockingly gorgeous! There's something rather Natalie Imbruglia about her.

Of course I don't succumb to the vagaries of the flesh. I am a child of light... yeah right.

<Sexist mode>

As one of the facility guys said (who get to visit all the offices) "there's a seriously high totty quotient in your office", and I would have to strongly agree!

</Sexist mode>

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1. She's no more or less likely to have a bf than any other woman.
2. Looks/Personality are not an either/or thing!
3. Don't see a beautiful woman, see another human being, with the same self-doubts as yourself and anyone else!  Yes, it's true, gorgeous women ARE HUMAN!!!

You and I know that, but do gorgeous women know this. I'm not so sure ;-)

There's nothing worse than that look from a woman as if to say "what or who do you think you are that you might even consider a relationship with me?!" :-)

Oh, well in that case tell them you don't usually talk to ugly women but you thought you'd make an exception in their case...

banished (long dormant) taught me everything I know!

Hmmm, perhaps I could do with some lessons like that :-)

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