The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

Manage your manager.

For the last few days I've been printing out the work I have done versus the projects I am doing when I begin to approach running out of stuff to do, and then I discuss it with my Manager. This is actually proving very effective because (a) I was really struggling to find a way to "communicate" with my manager and (b) it takes all the pressure off of me and puts it on my Manager (after all, he's the one that should be telling me what to do, especially at the early stage like this). It's also working quite well in terms of getting some results, although I am still running pretty much in neutral on workload terms.

In other news, I ought to ring Isabelle and arrange another get together, but I just cannot get motivated to do it. I should really just from the "getting out of the house" perspective, and I feel like I ought to get together in a more natural situation before I decide whether to knock things on the head or not. Not sure what to do though that's more natural, short of being at one or the other's abode.

I've had this completely weird diet the last few weeks. I have a scrumptious lunch at the work restaurant, and then eat ice-cream when I get home. Usually lots of ice-cream. So far I've not put any weight on. It works for me! :-) Seems kinda crazy, but I probably won't continue with the ice-cream kick as the addiction is waning.

Looks like the Europe trip is definitely going ahead. I can get the leave, Lu is still very much up for it. Hotel costs look OK. I just need to double check the flight costs.

I'm really struggling to make conversation with my colleagues. I'm trying not to spaz about it too much though, and put it down to (a) lack of familiarity and (b) tiredness.

And my final random topic is that my sleep is still pretty bad. I'm getting horrific headaches in the afternoon/evening due to this and the "stress" of working. I've been staying up chatting to Lu the last few evenings, and this gets me all hyped up and I can't sleep plus I wake up early. I don't think the chatting will continue at the same intensity though. It's already eased off tonight.
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