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Film Review: The Other Man (2008)
BB Piano
The Other Man (2008). Co-written and directed by Richard Eyre. The film starts in the recent past, with long time married couple Peter (Liam Neeson) and Lisa (Laura Linney). During a meal Lisa says some odd things to Peter about love and being happy. The film then moves forward in time, to some recent point after Lisa's death. While getting rid of Lisa's things Peter finds a strange note in one of her shoes, and then a receives a peculiar email on her laptop from a purported ex-lover. The Other Man is a particularly well told story of an affair, albeit picking over the bones of an affair that is over. The story does a great job of highlighting how life is often frustrating shades of grey, rather than black and white. Neeson and Antonio Banderas are both at their best, and thoroughly believable as the central characters. The only real disappointment was a weak ending, but it was perhaps a difficult story to end well. Recommended for drama fans who can cope with the thorny topic of real life love. 4/5 (Good)

(Thanks to novemberbug for the nod)

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My pleasure :-) I mentioned they shot some of it in Ely, didn't I? The bit where he ran to his car in the rain was shot on our lane. I can see the spot where the car was parked, from my front door!

Yes, I remember your mention. Were you there when they were filming?

No, it was slightly before I knew Matthew.

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