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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Favourite Media Shtuff of 2012
BB Piano
As is the tradition for the 31st December, here's my favourite bits of media from 2012...

Film = I have a handful of true 2012 released films to choose from that got 5/5 reviews: Prometheus, Dredd, Looper, Savages, and Cloud Atlas. All great films, but only Prometheus and Cloud Atlas really feel like the stand out films of 2012. I didn't have as many issues with Prometheus as some, although it did unravel slightly towards the end. Cloud Atlas is a last minute entry, and a huge crazy mess of a film. Even so I admire its ambition and whimsical story, and it's my choice of favourite for 2012.

TV = I don't remember any TV really grabbing me this year, although it doesn't help that I don't talk about TV programmes much on LiveJournal, or at least I'm bad about tagging the entries. The only three programmes that come to mind are the continued journeys of The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, and Red Dwarf. Although they are all good I think the new season of Red Dwarf takes the edge for (a) being fun and (b) managing to surprise most people by being good.

Album = Music was another thing that suffered due to a lack of time, but also due to the lack of anything decent out there from 2012. I did get a handful of albums, but I can't claim any as being an album of 2012, sadly.

Game = Games again suffered due to the child induced lack of time. In fact I've only been able to play games while "on holiday" in Brazil. At the start of the year there was the fantastic Dead Island, which was a near perfect blend of action and fun, albeit it ended poorly. In the middle of the year there was the excellent but frustrating Day-Z, along with a couple of other games that didn't excite me much at all. At the end of this year there's been Far Cry 3, FTL, and most recently the very frustrating XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Although Dead Island was very good, Far Cry 3 pips it to the post by being a slightly more solid effort.

Book = Much like TV, I need some way of tagging book related entries, because I'm struggling to find anything over the past year. And much like Music and TV, books suffered from a lack of time. I only bought a handful of books that I remember, and none were page turners (I don't think I finished any). Most, if not all, were just factual books of one topic or another. So no choice for book either.

What were your favourites?

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Be warned, it's odd. Seems to be making itself onto Turkey lists.

I found it really helped to watch it with subtitles because of the odd English variant they speak in one section.

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