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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Review: Chinese Zodiac (2012)
Chinese Zodiac (2012). Written and directed by Jackie Chan. The film starts around the mid-19th century, when a Japanese palace was ransacked and 12 bronze heads - representing the zodiac - were stolen. It then moves forward to present day where some of the heads are on auction for millions of pounds around the world. Most of the zodiac heads are missing though, and a corporation hires relic hunter JC (Jackie Chan) to find them. Being a Jackie Chan film Chinese Zodiac is an odd beast. There is quite a detailed story, with lots of characters, not that many or even any of them are particularly interesting. There's the usual odd humour and peculiar characters. There are also some fairly epic set pieces, although it all looks rather silly; like an 80s Bond film versus current Hollywood. Aside from the ropey CG. But the cheap special effects used to be part of the charm of Jackie Chan films, and it was the silliness, characters, and balletic fights that made things interesting. There are a couple of amusing fights in Chinese Zodiac, but little of the rest. Hardcore Jackie Chan fans will enjoy, but I'm obviously not hardcore enough. Those who want to see Jackie Chan at his best are probably better off watching Armour of God (1987). 2/5 (Poor)