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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Review: Womb (AKA Clone) (2010)
Womb (AKA Clone) (2010). Co-written and directed by Benedek Filegauf. Set at some point in the near future, the film starts with a pregnant woman (Eva Green) sitting in a house beside the sea. She strokes her stomach and says something cryptic. The story then jumps back several years. Two children, Rebecca and Tommy who live locally to each other, spend time together and fall in love. Rebecca lives with her grandfather, and she is told she has to move to be with her mother in Japan. Both Tommy and Rebecca are heartbroken. Tommy promises to see her on the day she leaves, but fails to turn up. The story then moves forward several years, when Rebecca is in her early 20s. She returns to her grandfather's home - he has since died - and seeks out the grown up Tommy (Matt Smith). Despite Tommy being with another girl he met the previous night they both immediately feel something again. Clone (I'll use the UK DVD title) is a fascinating look at what lengths someone might go to resurrect someone they lost, and the consequences of that, set against a backdrop of modern technology. The story is slow paced, but packed with atmosphere and incredible performances from Green and Smith. There's fantastic direction from Filegauf, accompanied by beautiful cinematography and a spot on delicate soundtrack. The biggest difficulty really is the moral issue the film creates, which I can't go into more detail about without giving away more plot (if you hadn't guessed what it is already). Those who find the moral side offensive, and/or dislike slow deep films will probably want to avoid. 5/5 (Excellent)