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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Review: Errors of the Human Body (2012)
Errors of the Human Body (2012). Co-written and directed by Eron Sheean. The film starts with Dr. Geoff Burton (Michael Eklund) travelling to Dresden to work at a laboratory. Burton specialises in genetic research, specifically screening for genetic illnesses in embryos, which he focussed on following the death of his son from such an illness. Errors of the Human Body is an interesting film. Although the story is a little spartan, and somewhat shrouded in genetics, I still found it interesting. It is helped a lot by plenty of strong and deep characters, particularly Eklund who is excellent. The atmosphere is thick throughout with a creepy feel, helped by the minimal soundtrack from Anthony Pateras. Although it isn't quite as low budget it reminds me a little of Primer (2004). For those who don't mind the low-fi feel of the film, which is heavier on science than fiction. 4/5 (Good)