August 7th, 2006

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Money... Bleugh

So my great PC modding plan didn't work out to well. Thanks to Lu's Dad I got the side panel drilled with a hundred or so ventilation holes, then I screwed the chassis fan to this. But when I put the PC together there was around a 15 - 20C rise in temperature for the motherboard sensor, and this is the one I'm concerned about (bringing the motherboard sensor over 40C). Now I'm debating whether I get the Coolermaster case after all, which has a fan that draws air over the hard disks in the lower front, and pulls it out at the centre of the back. The CPU also has a duct as well. Will the case have a dramatic effect? I'd hope so because it's designed with airflow in mind whereas the current case isn't. It also solves the issue of locating the four hard disks, as the better of the two cases had room, albeit it uses those irritating guide rails. That's if the shop still have it in stock...

I'm continuing to eat into my savings, around 30% so far. The case is another pain in the arse in terms of spending money I'd rather not spend, but I'd rather do this than blow up the motherboard and have a whole load of potential problems. I had a real fret about money last night, again relating to being in Brazil, and earning very little. I'd like to do the extra part of the course which would take me from an MCSA to MCSE which is another £400-500, at a guess. I'd have to decide this by the end of the week. I'm not sure if my parents would finance this. There's also the issue of buying a flight back to Brazil in January, which I simply cannot afford. So do I even go back to the UK at Christmas, and just lose the return leg of the flight? Again if my parents can't help with the flight cost I'm not sure I have any other option, or I go back to the UK and get stuck there. I don't worry about money so much, just get really annoyed when a lack of it gets in the way of doing something, particularly something like visiting my parents.
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Captain Positive

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In more positive news, despite the diet mostly going to hell the last week I haven't put on any weight. I'm amazed! I celebrated with a trip to the more expensive restaurant for lunch, although I forgot my appetite suppresant pills again. I always wonder if drinking more water helps with weight loss, as I never feel I'm drinking enough, but have been doing my best to up the intake.

I'm on the second-to-last module of my course, but now I can't help thinking I'd like to upgrade from the MCSA to MCSE course (although I mentioned this in the last entry). I'll see if Mum is open to the idea, if not I'll do it later in the year perhaps. It's a real shame they wouldn't swap advertising at the expat site for courses, but they thought that becaue the site was in English it wouldn't attract foreigners. I will miss the getting out everyday and studying, which has been good for exercise. If only we had a apartment with a bigger balcony, and more important a decent pool and mini-gym. Well, I can always dream...

The weather is glorious today, as is the forecast for the next few days, 30C/90F and sunny. It's my father-in-law's birthday today, and I popped out at lunchtime and bought him a screwdriver set. I have no idea what else to get him, and although it was a bit expensive for my pocket it's a good one. We're heading there tonight for a birthday meal I assume. The computer place still have a Coolermaster case, but it looks like a different one to me. I'm probably imagining things because it's the same price. They also have a Logitech Orbit webcam, but at a mindblowing R$400 (US$200/£100). I didn't get either, yet, although the webcam's just too damn expensive and I think I'd rather buy something from Creative Labs, like their Live! Motion. Although I've not seen this anywhere here.
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Evolution reversed in mice. US researchers have devolved a mouse by returning its DNA to a point 500 million years ago, and giving a very clear example of how evolution works. So much for intelligent design...

Google warns on 'unsafe' websites. Google has started warning users before they are transferred to sites that have some form of spyware. It forms part of an initiative with Lenovo and Sun.

Chinese 'anger bar' is a big hit. A bar in Nanjing is allowing customers to smash glasses, rant and hit specially trained workers. The idea being it relieves stress, although psychology students are on-hand for the more serious cases. Sounds like too many people have been watching Fight Club...

In search of Google wifi. Mountain View in California is one of around 60 areas in the USA to have a free wi-fi network. Google promise a connection speed of around 1Mbps, although the article writer had issues getting a good connection. But when it's for free...

Apple backs Mac auto-save system. The next version of the Mac OS, Leopard, will have backup software called "Time Machine". Take an existing feature + give it a cool name = Apple marketing ;-)
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