June 7th, 2008

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I'm tempted to go to the festival of festivals... Glastonbury GuilFest! Not exactly a "can't miss" on the UK music calendar, but the curiously named Royworld are playing, and I rather like their new album. Freak Power are also playing, but unfortunately on a different day. Even so, I'm tempted to go see 'em as well.

Other than Blondie, Kula Shaker and Dodgy the rest of the artists (on the Saturday) are drawing a blank.

In other news, I'm sitting in the garden and the sun is out. It's a bit sporadic, dipping behind the clouds, but it's still a rather nice day. Lots of damselflies are buzzing around, although no dragonflies here in the garden yet; albeit there are lots in the nature reserve. I've setup one of the wireless security cameras to monitor the bird table, on the basis that movement is supposed to trigger it. But the combination of bright light, and the bird table being too far away, seem to have combined to ensure it doesn't work. Although the birds also seem to be avoiding it. Are we on some sort of haunted burial site or ley line?

We took Mum and Dad to Heathrow without issue, and took the opportunity to drop in at the Portuguese and Brazilian delicatessen, Madeirinhas, that's near the office. It's the first time Lu has been there, so she was buying Guarana, coxinhas, and more.

On the way back we swung by Andertons and I bought a (extortionately priced) pop shield. Andertons is a sort of musical Aladdin's cave; an amazing place that will have guitar, drum or keyboard fans drooling. I was drooling in particular over some of the keyboards they had there, which make my ancient W5 (or is it a W7?) look... well, ancient. Lu has been debating learning the bass guitar, and I've also been thinking about learning acoustic; as I played piano and particularly cello for several years I'm hoping it might not be too painful a transition. We passed this time.

Lucky I picked up the post from my parents, as it had my ballot paper for the strike at work, and I had a letter from Farnham hospital to say I have an ultrasound booked for Wednesday.

Ed and Ana are coming over to play Rock Band. Hopefully they can find us in the maze!
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