December 31st, 2015

BB Piano

2015 Faves

In traditional style, here's my favourite film, TV programme, and album from 2015. I might as well do away with games and books for now, as I don't have the time nor inclination for them.

Film = It looks like I watched around twenty genuine released-in-2015 films, which doesn't sound like a great deal, but I've not counted in years gone by. It's a close call for my favourite film though. Mad Max: Fury Road was certainly action packed, but I found it a smidge light on story, which is why it's in second place. Ex Machina's my pick for 2015, with an atmosphere-laden story, fab production, and an excellent soundtrack.

TV = I watched some very good and genuine new-to-2015 TV serieseses such as Mr. Robot and Ash vs Evil Dead, but The Walking Dead continues to kick bottom for me and is my definite choice for favourite TV series of 2015.

Album = I listened to around fifteen genuine released-in-2015 albums, if iTunes is to be believed. And several of them were pretty good, such as vangoffey's Take Your Jacket Off & Get Into It, The Prodigy's The Day is My Enemy, Kurt Stenzel's Jodorowsky's Dune soundtrack, and Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow's Ex Machina soundtrack. 2015 was the year I discovered a handful of new bands, which I'd have to give preference to: Dengue Fever with their 2015 album The Deepest Lake (managed to catch these guys on tour also!), and CHVRCHES with their 2015 album Every Open Eye. But my definite favourite is the newly-discovered-for-2015 Tom Rosenthal, with his substantial body of work (and music videos), his 2015 album Bolu, and 2015 EP The Pleasant Trees Vol 2. Again an honourable mention to the fab Nutty Noah. Although he didn't release any new albums in 2015, he did release at least three singles (arguably five for lucky people, teehee!), one of which even mentioned Amélie and I! Along with him performing at Amélie's birthday party, and going to three of his shows in Bristol and Bath, his songs continue to bring great joy and mirth to the kids and their silly dad.

(Past faves from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.)

As always YMMV, so what were your favourites?