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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Review: The World's End (2013)
The World's End (2013). Co-written and directed by Edgar Wright. The film starts with fortysomething Gary King (Simon Pegg) in group therapy, recounting the tale of when he was at 6th Form College on a legendary pub crawl (referred to as the "The Golden Mile") in his hometown of Newton Haven. Gary says that life has never been as good since, so he endeavours to gather together his four old college friends for a revisit of The Golden Mile, with the aim to finish the pub crawl that they didn't manage to finish in their teens. The World's End is much like Shaun of the Dead in that it isn't particularly original in itself, but Wright uses the SF genre to set a similar story with his usual group of actors. In short take Spaced and the SF genre and smoosh them together. And much like Shaun of the Dead that's my only real problem with The World's End, in that for me Spaced is still the better and original property. I still enjoyed The World's End though, more than Shaun of the Dead. There's something about the story in this film that shines through a bit more, and perhaps some more identifiable characters, making it more enjoyable. Ultimately though it still feels derivative and predictable. Fans of Wright's previous efforts are going to like this. 3/5 (Average)