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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
BB Piano
Lack of confidence is such a poison. It stops me doing hobbies, it stops me in certain activities at work, it stops me making friends, it could cause problems when I meet Lu. I'm determined that the latter won't happen.

Taking this as an example, I'm fretting so much about meeting Lu and how I might screw things up that I forget I'm an OK person and fun to be with (when I'm not fretting). Spot the Catch 22 here?

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The more you worry about, the more time you will lose. Generally the greatest accomplishments you can ever make are those that will involve overcoming situations in which you are a bag of nerves. As corny as it sounds - feel the fear and do it anyway, you'll be glad you did when you've done it..

I guess the problem is that I always mess things up worrying about nothing. I haven't read *that* book, but tbh I'm not sure I should be feeling the fear in the first place.

I am the exact same way...been bummed about it all day

Just try to take a breath and SMILE

If it helps your confidence I think youre cute and Lu is a lucky lady. I mean not many guys out there are so thoughtful or as focused on one woman these days - bleh. You just got to relax hon and take things as they come

Awww thanks, sometimes I don't think I'm too bad (from a number of levels) but I can have a helluva time remembering it at other times.

I think I need to disperse this level of angst, and just do more of what I feel naturally.

Hmm well when youre not remembering maybe think about how she booked the rooms without consulting you, and well how she asked you to come in the first place? Both point to how much she really does like and trust you

You're absolutely right.

It's like I have a blind spot to these things when my confidence vanishes, and all I can see is problems and negative stuff, and reasons why she won't like me.

Think that happens to everyone just some ppl are better at ignoring the confidence drop or remembering other stuff - you just got to retrain yourself to be a little positive :D

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