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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Review: The Last Days on Mars (2013)
The Last Days on Mars (2013). Directed by Ruairi Robinson and written by Clive Dawson. The story is set in the near future on Mars. Humanity have sent a manned mission which is spending 6 months on the planet, and they are a day away from returning back to Earth. One of the scientists discovers what he thinks are signs of life in a soil core, but doesn't mention it to the rest of the crew. He leaves the base with another crewmate on the pretext of repairing a sensor, but wants to revisit the site to take more samples. The Last Days on Mars has some points going for it. It has some reasonable science, an above average cast (Elias Koteas... woo!), good special effects, and an initially interesting story. Before too long though it descends into predictable fare, with the humans-trying-to-escape-the-aliens thing. Thankfully it still does it against a backdrop of the aforementioned positive points, and doesn't get too ridiculous. For those who like their science fiction to be heavier on the reality side, but can cope with a predictable alien plot. 3/5 (Average)