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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Reviews: Clear History (2013) and Crystal Fairy (2013)
Clear History (2013). Directed by Greg Mottola. Marketing executive Nathan Flomm (Larry David) quits the company he part owns after the CEO ignores his advice and decides to name their latest product, an electric car, the Howard. The company goes on to huge success, and Flomm is a laughing stock having lost billions of dollars. Flomm decides to move away and change his name, in the hope of starting a new life. Clear History is an odd film, albeit clearly a vehicle for Larry David (who I've never seen in anything before, that I can recall at least). At times it feels like an Adam Sandler film, with the associated weird set of characters. For me it never quite hit a comedy high, but there were a few chuckles. 3/5 (Average)

Crystal Fairy (2013). Written and directed by Sebastián Silva. The rather shallow Jamie (Michael Cera) is in Chile on a quest to try the hallucinogenic Sao Pedro cactus, along with whatever else on the way. At a party he comes across a hippy (Gaby Hoffman) who calls herself Crystal Fairy, and while the worse off for drugs he gives her his number and asks her to join them on their quest. She calls the next day, and his Chilean friends insist that he follow through with his promise. Crystal Fairy is an odd film, and apparently was mostly improvised (and it definitely has that feel to it). It's large part road trip, with not a great deal happening other than the dynamic between Jamie, Crystal Fairy, and Jamie's friends. Ultimately whether you enjoy it will depend on liking this dynamic, which I was OK with. For fans of slightly trippy talky films. 3/5 (Average)