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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Favourite Media Shtuff of 2013
BB Piano
As is the tradition for the 31st December, here's my favourite media shtuff from 2013...

Film = There were a handful (a small handful) of 5/5 films that I watched in 2013, including Womb (2010), Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2011), and Arbitrage (2012) (which I may have somewhat overrated). There was one actual film released in 2013 that I gave a 5/5 rating though, which was Gravity. Although I didn't think it was without problems, it was still very good, and it's great to see a mostly realistic space-based dramatisation.

TV = There was a mix of old stalwarts, but very little in the way of new TV I liked in 2013. In the former camp was The Big Bang Theory, Dr. Who, Saturday Night Live (which I rediscovered), Mythbusters, and the very very welcome return of Whose Line Is It Anyway. In the latter camp there is only Almost Human, which is still in the first-season-struggle. The clear winner for me though was The Walking Dead, with the mid-season cliffhanger being mind-blowing, for me at least.

Album = The usual case of slim pickings for music this year, although there was at least two new releases of note: Banco de Gaia's Apollo, and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. The latter is growing on me at least, even if it didn't have the instant appeal of their earlier work. But there was no stand out album for me that was released this year. I did fall completely in love with two albums from preceding years in the latter half of 2013, so it's only fair to award them both my favourite album of the year: M83's Hurry Up We're Dreaming (2011), and Bon Iver's Bon Iver, Bon Iver (2011) (yep, that's a lot of Bon Iver's). The former has an 80s feel, but is also something else, something new. The latter is a very gentle album, with some enchanting tracks. Again, markedly different to what else is out there.

Game = I've not played anything this year that's different from the very end of last year - played on my Brazil trip. So I might as well just point you to last year. Games is one of those things I've mostly had to give up, due to kids.

Book = I've read two and a half books this year. The half a book was at the start of the year, and Robert Rankin's Armageddon: The Musical. I've meant to read Rankin for over a decade, and finally did when by a happy coincidence some of his books were free on Kindle. It's an interesting read, but again there just isn't enough time with kids around. The two books were in the last few days, and *ahem* Russell Brand's Booky Wook 1 and 2. I'm a sucker for an autobiography written by a colourful person, and Russell certainly qualifies. So I have no real choice other than to pick Booky Wook 1 and 2 as my faves. Sorry literature lovers.

What were your faves from 2013?

(Past faves from 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.)

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Film: A Field in England [Following the second watch]

TV: Fresh Meat and The Returned

Album: Theatre is Evil (Amanda Palmer) Ghosts of California (David Galas)

Game: FarCry 3 took up a lot of my time as did Bioshock but to be honest I haven't really had that much time to play games this year. The rehash of UFO was ok for a bit but got boring after a while. Shit internet speeds in the wooly wilds prohibit the downloading of new releases.

Book: Not really had time to read this year but I thoroughly enjoyed Attention All Shipping by Charlie Connelly while on the cruise

Not heard of most of it, so it must be well cultured! :-)

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