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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Review: The Quiet Earth (1985)
The Quiet Earth (1985). Loosely based on the novel by Craig Harrison, and directed by Geoff Murphy. The film starts with scientist Zac Hobson (Bruno Lawrence) waking up at a motel. Initially all seems fine, except that neither his radio or telephone are working. He leaves for work and when he stops for petrol there's no-one at the petrol station. While trying to find someone he comes across a half eaten breakfast and an empty but locked toilet. He heads into town beeping his horn, but there's no-one there. The Quiet Earth is a classic example of what can be done with a good story and production, even when the budget is low and it's 80s New Zealand. Although the story can be a bit slow it is quite atmospheric, and bizarre at times. Recommended for fans of the post-apocalyptic who don't need high production values. 4/5 (Good)

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I've seen that one. One of my favourite SF movies of all time.

I forgot to add that I did see it back in the 90s on TV, if not the late 80s. This was just a revisit. Great film!

I really liked that film

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