The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

I'm finding that a lot of the time I'm thinking about Lu, and this is giving me a panic feeling. I'm trying to understand why I get the panic feeling, and I'm pretty sure it's because I miss her and feel out of control. This is not a nice feeling. I spoke to her until late last night, but she seemed weird... remote.

One thing I ought to ask her is if she's OK with the time gap if I visit her at Christmas. I guess she is, but I still ought to ask.

I don't know whether to ask Lu how she's feeling about missing me, it would be interesting to know. Unfortunately she doesn't like discussing her feelings, she has made this very clear. This seems strange for a girl who spent 9 months in therapy. What did she discuss?

I'm curious, how do others feel when they are separated from a love one? e.g. from distance, or even when a relationship is ended. Do you ever feel consumed by missing them?
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