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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Review: Molly (1999)
Molly (1999). Written by Dick Christie and directed by John Duigan. The film starts with Buck McKay (Aaron Eckhart) picking up his severely autistic sister Molly (Elisabeth Shue) from an institution, which is closing due to budget cuts. McKay is ill equipped to handle his sister, and initially tries to put her into a nursery for children, who refuse to take her. Ordinarily I would have turned off Molly within the first 15 minutes, as even within that short time there were three twee set pieces that supposedly demonstrated how funny (haha) autism is, at least for everyone else observing it. But I have some prior knowledge of the story and was curious to see how it turned out, so stuck with it. Ultimately the story is OK, if you're not to discerning about the comedy of mental health. Some of the autism bits are better handled than others e.g. Molly's obsession with shoelaces, which seems more realistic. Elisabeth Shue seems an odd choice for the role, and it's hard to shake her previous films when watching. There were times where her performance felt laughably bad. I couldn't quite decide whether the preconceptions of her previous roles were the problem, or just that she didn't work in the role. Perhaps a bit of both. Ultimately it feels like a wishy washy attempt at a mix of conveying Molly's character and some romantic comedy. For fans of romantic comedy that aren't too bothered by what they watch, bearing in mind it's light on the romance. 2/5 (Poor)