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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
BB Piano
Something doesn't feel right. I was talking until late last night with Lu, but something felt wrong. There was no "spirit" in her side of the conversation. I was really happy at work this morning, and sent a mail to Lu just to say "Hi". No reply, which again is unusual. I'm just going to ease down and leave her be. If she wants to IM me she can. As pathetic as this all is, she's either interested or not. I'm determined not to IM her all evening if need be, and I'm going to Terry's later anyway. Perhaps it's a bit of reverse psychology as I feel I'm putting too much effort into this relationship, it feels one sided. I deserve better than that, and Lu's behaviour doesn't match with the way she has been behaving in the past. This tells me she is going cold for one reason or another :-(

Edit: Bollocks. OK, I'm a paranoid loony...

Luciane says:
Hi Dear
Luciane says:
How are you?
Luciane says:
I'm sorry, I have 2 cases now...
Luciane says:
Tell me if you're ok

Edit 2: Well, she's still busy and not talking really at all. I've talked my ass off over the last few days so I'm still just going to throttle back and let her do most of the talking from now on. Communication denotes interest. If there's no communication from her side, there's no interest...

... I just feel sad. I want to talk to Lu and have fun. I don't want this relationship to end.