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Film Review: Assault Girls (2009)

Assault Girls (2009). Written and directed by Mamoru Oshii. Set on a future Earth, the film opens with a monologue about how the decay of society lead to an addictive virtual reality game called Avalon(f). We then see a male player, Jäger, within the game fighting a mutant sandwhale. Jäger manages to kill one sandwhale, but is then killed by a second. I think I've seen Assault Girls before, but I must have blocked the memory. Anyway, on a second watch it was just as awful. The film itself is short, at around 70 minutes - or at least the version I watched was, but I note the Wiki page lists it as 85 minutes. Anyway, the first 50 or so minutes are spent with the three "Assault Girls", Japanese girls in light armour, shooting sandwhales. And that's pretty much it. They then team up for the ending, but it doesn't get a great deal more exciting. There's little in the way of plot, the acting is fairly minimal, it looks like it was shot in a quarry, and the CG is poor at best. I would like to know what Mamoru Oshii was up to with this, after such incredible films as Ghost in the Shell and Avalon. Assault Girls almost feels like a side plot from Avalon, albeit a side plot that was presumably about a paragraph long. In all fairness Oshii has had a fairly mixed career, with a mix of good and bad films. Anyway, Assault Girls is not one of the better ones, unless you have a thing for Japanese girls in light armour. Or a Japanese guy in a baseball cap and rags. 1/5 (Awful)
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