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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Film Reviews: The Cobbler (2014) and Foxcatcher (2014)
The Cobbler (2014). Co-written and directed by Thomas McCarthy. The film starts in 1903 New York City. A group of shop owners are meeting due to complaints about their landlord. They ask the cobbler to help them, and give him a pair of shoes. The cobbler takes the shoes to an old sewing machine. The first thing I should say about The Cobbler is that unlike most of the general population it seems I do like Adam Sandler, who stars in the film. Within a few minutes of watching the immediate parallel I drew was Click (2006). Give man fictional device with which he learns moral lesson and has some fun along the way. The Cobbler is pretty much that, but perhaps a bit more sentimental and meandering than Click. But as long as you don't mind Adam Sandler that's fine, for me it was a perfectly watchable flick. I would like to rate it 3.5/5, but I don't do halves so I'll be uncharitable. 3/5 (Average)

Foxcatcher (2014). Based on the true story and directed by Bennett Miller. The film is initially set in the mid-80s, just after Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and his older brother David Schultz (Mark Ruffalo) have won the Olympic gold medal for wrestling events in the 1984 Olympics. Mark Schultz visits a school where he talks to the rather bored looking pupils about what drove him to win the medal, and even Mark himself looks lost as he accepts his US$20 fee. Foxcatcher is certainly a fascinating story of power, money, and the desire to succeed. Tatum gives a great performance, along with an almost unrecognisable but incredible performance from Steve Carrell. The story itself is essentially a crescendo to the ultimate events that happen - a story I was not aware of - so is rather slow for the most part, but I wasn't bothered by this. Having read the actual story Foxcatcher does the typical thing of cherry picking, albeit those bits aren't wholly wrong at least. Overall I found it an interesting and well acted story, and a must watch for those who like biographical films. 4/5 (Good)