The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

I was trying to remember why The Age of Adaline was in the film queue. I spotted Harrison Ford was in it, albeit he doesn't appear until later on, then I realised it was because Anthony Ingruber was in it, playing his son. Ingruber achieved some fame by doing amazing impressions of Ford on YouTube, and he looks very similar to Ford. There's been some sort of Internet campaign to get him to play a young Indiana Jones. Anyway, The Age of Adaline was a curious film, now that I've finally finished it. It reminds me of August Rush, because it has this cheesy story that still ends up being charming (YMMV). The basis of the story is that Adaline (Blake Lively) crashes her car into a lake, and while she's drowning the car gets struck by lightning. There's some hokey science, explained by a narrator that comes and goes during the film, that her DNA is made rigid which prevents ageing. She then spends subsequent decades escaping people that realise something's up, and the main story inevitably ends up being romance related. I enjoyed it though, just about. Those who need a more believable romance probably won't.
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