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Voicemail agogo

Had Portuguese class this morning. The class was later than usual though (11am) so before this I went to what is fast becoming my favourite place, Rua Santa Ifigênia (AKA computer street).

Rua Santa Ifigênia...

I wanted to buy a present for Lu's parents (for putting up with me!) and after some discussion yesterday (the choice was between dinner and a telephone) they chose a telephone. I had already scoured the place for phones the day before, so knew which one to get. Unfortunately after I bought it I realised that what I thought was an answerphone is actually a voicemail light (that works with voicemail provided by the telephone company). I had some discussions with Lu and her parents about whether to keep it, and it still isn't resolved. Personally I think they should keep this and their old phone (which has an answerphone). I didn't see any nicer looking phones on the entire street. The problem with the old phone is that it's an analogue cordless, and the reception is terrible. The new one is digital cordless. Anyway, I guess we see what results when Lu returns home tonight.

I also rather naughtily bought some pirate music and games CD's: the Big Brother Brasil 2004 soundtrack (Big Brother is a topic in itself), Freedom Fighters, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and what seems to be Half Life 2 (?! I know the code was leaked, but is this it?). I was really after Tron 2.0 and Counterstrike: Condition Zero, but after seeing them earlier in the day at Rua Santa Ifigênia I couldn't find them near my teacher's house.

Anyone got other recommendations for current good PC games?

In other news, the bed people still haven't come, but are supposed to be coming today to assemble my bed frame.

I wish Semagic had the option to insert various standard markup stuff, like borders.

I left a plate (which had some grapes in) on my desk for about 10 minutes. I can't believe the number of ants that appeared in this time!

Ants in my pants!...

(btw, they're quite small, so the pictures are quite big, if you can see them...)

I should also add, after yesterdays misbehavings Lu seemed in a really great mood this morning, full of energy and laughter. I thanked her for patience last night, and told her it was much appreciated. I was called Mr. Wonderful again, and she was talking about what car I might buy. So I guess she's hardly having second thoughts... is she Mr. Pessimism?

I'm aiming to join the gym in the next day or so. I'm eating very well now (in healthiness terms), and doing plenty of walking, but this will vary depending on what lessons I have. Plus I want to focus some exercise on my thighs, backside, stomach and chest. And the gym also has Ju-Jitsu classes which really interest me (yes spawny I will join, I promise! ;-)

I heard a song booming out of one of the shops today. It was a techno/dance thing, with a vocoded (robot sounding) lyric "Satisfaction" with some other lyrics I've forgotten. I got a massive sense of deja vu when I heard it, but I have no idea why. I asked the guy what it was, but he said they had the radio on, hence had no idea. Shucks, I wanna know what it is! Perhaps I'll try a post on the Commercial Breaks and Beats forum.

For digital camera fans, it seems that at the moment you can download a free version of Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition. Even by my standards it's a really nice piece of software, and I'm using it for all my basic downloading. For starters it puts downloaded photos in a folder with todays date. Very simple, and quick, and very useful.

And finally, the view a biscuit gets before being eaten by Galilieu (Lu's dog) ;-)

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