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I uninstalled Firefox, I still prefer Avant.

Did anyone see any funny April Fool's jokes? They all seemed to be pretty pathetic this year... as if everyone was trying to hard (bah humbug). I still think the spaghetti trees was an absolute classic, as was the "chippy" music player (I saw on some kids programme many years ago).

I was very tempted to tell Lu that I had bought a car (some great old hulking Chevy truck perhaps), but I needed her parents buy in, and I didn't fancy trying to explain to them in Portuguese what I was trying to do :-)

This statement on is unintentionally amusing, For international readers: Apr. 1 is our "joke/prank day. Yes USA type people (some of), other countries celebrate April Fool's too! It reminds me of when I was asked by a USA colleague whether we celebrated Christmas in the UK...

I'm gonna do a panimu pout now, as I've just noticed a couple of (who I thought were good) LJ friends deleted me (not sure when). What a shame... I guess I just update the hell too much, or pissed them off (maybe I was making derogatory comments about over emancipated Western women, again)... but hey, it's my LJ and I'll cry if I want to! Normally it doesn't bother me, but this did a little. I have this mental picture of two kids in a playground, one with arms folded saying "I don't want to be your friend any more!". Like panimu (sorry to use you again!) I can understand that it's a bit frustrating when people (especially people who have commented a lot) just "vanish" without a word. It feels pretty rude, but the Internet is wonderful for doing what the fuck you want without too much caring required. <Fakes mortal injury, clutches chest, and drops to floor>

Perhaps in someways it would be nice not to have any friends on the list, and for this just to be a plain ole diary in which I can post whatever I want (although I do this anyway). Maybe this is a bit of a "cutting my nose off to spite my face" action.

But also, I guess it would be nice to have some more friends on the list... again those that tend to use their LJ mostly as a diary, and post a variety of in-depth intelligent (and not so intelligent) shtuff. Any recommendations?
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