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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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What a day...
BB Piano
Yet again I achieved very little today, other than a 3 or 4 hour sleep this afternoon (which was badly needed). I now have less than 2 hours to do all my Portuguese homework, for a teacher that was complaining I don't do enough at the last lesson.

I dunno what's wrong. I can't get motivated to look for jobs, I don't do the homework, I have about 50 more serious to-do's. I hope I just need a really really good sleep. The computer has spontaneously rebooted again today, perhaps it's the electricity supply? I had to buy another stabiliser as the first one was toast, even with a new fuse. I've posted in tech_support and hardware for ideas... I'm loathed to have to take this back.

I'm also rather sad that 3 good friends have left my friends list, people who used to comment quite a bit. I guess most of them haven't commented in a while, but it makes me wonder what changed about my journal and caused them to leave. Perhaps it's the frequency of posts, and if that's the case I'm kinda OK about it because I want to use this journal for me, duh! It's spelt out clearly in my User Info.


PS. Other than this I'm very happy and things are good (honestly).

Edit: LJ has actually been very useful for me in gathering my thoughts, a little bit like (dare I say it without sounding like an idiot) Dumbledore's Pensieve from Harry Potter.

I'm glad we are going out tonight. I get to spend 2+ hours in the car with Lu (where we usually get a good chance to talk, as we haven't had much quality time recently) and it will be a nice change.