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The thing I love about Brazilian weather is that it doesn't mess around. When it's sunny, you get big fuck off sun that you can fry yourself with. And when it rains, it floods half the city. No halfway wishy washy crap :-)

I'm on my 5th blue screen (I just wrote this and then Semagic crashed ironically....). One happened when I was taking something out of the the wall socket, but the others don't have much rhyme or reason to them. Also the errors have varied.

I'm reaching the absolutelytotallyfuckedoff point, where I could just buy a new case, motherboard, CPU and start again. I just couldn't give a fuck. I want a working PC.


And two mind blowingly simple bugs in Outlook Express.

1. When checking mail and news accounts, if I read my email before OE has finished checking the news accounts it still thinks I have new email. This has been a bug since I started using OE.

2. When checking news accounts for watched messages, when I reply to a synchronised watched message the account changes to the default account. Fine for default account groups, not fine for all the others. Again, this has been a bug since I started using OE.

Come on Microsoft, extract a digit or two!

And the biggest monster rain, thunder and lightning storm since the time of Noah has just started, and my PC is connected direct to the wall socket...

... oh well, kill or cure I guess.
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