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Happy birthday procrastinata! :-)

Lu was very tired when she got home last night, and basically fell asleep straight after dinner. She was also very grumpy so I was glad she was asleep to be honest. She woke at midnight and went to her own bed. Why she won't stay in mine who knows!

Went to the Federal Police this morning to extend my tourist Visa. They are supposedly on strike at the moment, but it all seemed pretty normal (albeit most people were dressed informally). What they failed to tell Lu during the two times she phoned them is that I can't apply for a Visa extension until two weeks before my current Visa is finished... in 1 weeks time. Urg. So we go back in a week.

Lu dropped me at Barra Funda Metro station, which was closest to the Federal Police station so I could go on to Portuguese class (and she was going home, to work from home). As I was early for class I accidentally (yeah right) went to Avenida Paulista (via Brigadeiro station) and the market with the lovely pirate games. I bought Lords of the Realm 3, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Team Sabre, Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death (no idea what this is like, but used to be a big 2000AD fan, I suspect it's crap), Vietcong (no idea what this is like either, but probably crap), Vietcong: Fist Alpha, and Tron 2.0 (the graphics for this look good, if nothing else). I also got a DIVX House of the Dead. I think I made the day for the guys at this shop, again.

After this I stopped at a newsagent and found a good map, finally! It's spiral bound (so will last a long time). It's fecking heavy though, but the smallest one I've seen. This is the problem with Sao Paulo being hugggggggge.

I got to Portuguese class a bit late (I was trying to take some photos of a weird building at Praca da Arvore, the Metro station nearest to my Portuguese teacher). Unfortunately the batteries decided to run out on my camera, and I'd forgotten the spares. Class was OK, but helped by the fact that Vera told me I had a "facility for languages" (which we assume is a good thing).

After this I went straight home (well 45 minute walk followed by 45 minute bus ride of doom).

Had about 5 reboots today on the PC. I bought Hot CPU Tester Pro yesterday (which seems a good program), and left it running this morning but the PC had blue screened... (it takes 6 hours to run a full test) so I'm not sure what this means. One of the tests had failed (the "Matrix" test?), but again I'm not sure what this means. Curiously I set an email to support via their software, and it bounced back saying it was infected by the MyDoom virus... I replied back via plain ole OE so we'll see what comes of this.

I spoke with my very very computer literate genius friend, Chris, and he made a lot of suggestions. On this basis I've reset the BIOS to the optimised defaults, uninstalled my new Radeon drivers, and installed those that shipped with the card. Let's see what happens.

I'm now keeping a log of date, time, error, and actions, when the blue screens occur.

In theory I should be getting the replacement UPS today. Currently the PC is plugged into the wall socket.

I bought a Rio Karma via yesterday (an important fact I mustn't forget!!!). Looking forward to this arriving soon!!!

My International Driving License arrived today in the post, from Mum. So I can go to Detran and hopefully get a Brazilian license, not that I'm all that keen to drive here... it's insanity ^ insanity. To be honest, I'd rather save the money I have for a car and use the Metro and buses. They aren't so bad. In fact, I would rather just move closer to work (when I get a job). Ditto for Lu also, she commutes for far too much time. It isn't good for the soul.

If they could just clean Sao Paulo up a bit, relay all the roads, and extend the Metro, it would be a very very nice city. With the high unemployment here it's a real shame the government don't harness the people and use them for things like this, at least cleaning up the city.

Lu has been in a foul mood today, although she seems to be getting better. In theory we are going to Avenida Paulista later by car to replace the UPS, it's too fecking heavy by Metro. I still love her to bits though, I just wish I could cheer her up a bit (or that she'd tell me what's wrong). I had a moan at her last night because she's not helping me with my Portuguese, and if she was of a mind to help me I could accelerate my learning even more.
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