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If it's not one thing it's another

Still got the grumps today, which might be lack of sleep. Also not helped by the fact Lu's getting a new laptop at work, and will be travelling to the USA for training in early July for 1 week. The former I'm not specifically jealous of, but it focuses to me what I lost in giving up my job and what I don't have. The latter is a slight pain as I miss Lu for a week and I have those awful nagging worries that she'll go and meet someone else, plus of course I'm here "alone". Both remind me of the job I was fired from, and the huge salary I lost, even though the job was hellishly frustrating and boring a lot of the time. Lu seems a lot happier the last day or two. I think the training in the USA is part of it.

Damn, I feel pathetic today. What a great turn-on this is going to be for Lu.

I need a job, a good job. God, please smile on me.
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