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Well, starting with Sunday.

After a poor start to the day things picked up a little. Lu and I lay out on the "bridge" (I call this part of the house the bridge, as it is this weird cantilevered porch to the primary house, that goes over the entrance to the house. A weird way to build the house, but I rather like it) in the gorgeous sun that was present for most of the day, she was doing French homework and I was doing Portuguese.

Then later on we started to watch the wonderful and excellent Labyrinth, which we broke in the middle for dinner. In fact Lu was sleepy, and fell asleep towards the end. So I stopped Labyrinth and switched it, and watched Avalon instead (which I have been meaning to watch again for a while). But after 30 minutes of this I fell asleep as well. Lu woke up and left for her own room at midnightish. And err... that's about it.

I've had my Portuguese lesson this morning already. I'm feeling really sleepy again today, so may nap after lunch.

I guess I need to find some new/alternative ways to find work, but I'm having a total mental block about it.

I'm intruiged by what Lu has got me for my birthday tomorrow. Is she going to go for the shoes hat trick...

And good luck to SpaceShipOne!!!
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