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Happy birthday to... me! ;-)

Lu spent the night with me, which was great.

We woke and had breakfast. In the kitchen, I pulled the chair out from the breakfast table and Lu had put a present there, with her card. I opened it and it was some lovely warm pyjamas (in Union Jack colours, LOL). Lu's Mum and Dad gave me a wallet.

I went back to my room (Lu's working from home this morning) and then a few minutes later I could hear a mobile phone ringing at my window. "Weird", I thought, "that isn't Lu's phone". I turned to the window and Lu was standing there holding a mobile phone, and she said "it's for you!". She was holding her mobile phone in her other hand. So practical upshot, Lu bought me a mobile phone as well :-)

Two lovely presents from Lu, both of which mean a lot (she wants to keep me warm, and keep in contact with me as well ;-)

I was kinda surprised my sister didn't send me a present... oh well, but she did send me a card, and I had already got money from my Mum and Dad (which I used to buy the lovely Rio Karma!!!! It's all about the music...).

I'm a total, complete and utter sucker for presents, which goes to prove how I'm totally free from the trappings of modern society and the obsolete materialistic rituals... not.
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