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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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MS Exchange
BB Piano
Does anyone out there in LJland support MS Exchange?

I was wondering how tricky it is for someone who is fairly Window savvy to get to grips with.

I was thinking of setting up an old PC with XP Server and Exchange to have a play, but some advice on areas to focus on would be appreciated (I'm seeing a lot of jobs that ask for MS Exchange knowledge).

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I have played with Exchange 2000 at work, but have no knowledge of setting it up. But from what I hear, it should be easy.

Have a try and see how far you can set it up. :)

Yep, I guess this is the thing to do.

It sometimes helps to know the scale of an application. Some MS products are fairly simple, and I was wondering if Exchange fell into this camp.

If you do get stuck, Google can help you.

So.. *coughs*, where did you get Exchange Server from? ;)

I... *sneeze* seem to have this MCSP account ;-)

(Assuming it still works...)

I guess I'm after an "Exchange in a Nutshell guide (for people who are Windows Server savvy and don't need a load of crap guff)" book or something ;-)

Most of my Exchange knowledge is 5.5 specific; although I might be involved in a project to ecaluate 2003 as a part of the contract I'm on.

There are tons of great Exchange sites around though.

oh, and Happy Birthday!

OK, if I can get hold of a second PC to mess around with I'll have a go at it.

And thanks for the happy birthdays :-)

I think it's the best way to learn (maybe backed up with a decent book or two). If you can't find a second PC, you could always try something like http://www.vmware.com/ if you can 'find' a copy.

Yep, VMWare's great. I used it a lot when I worked at Autodesk.

I see MS have an alternative now called Virtual PC. Do you know if it's any good?

Either way, I think I'll give it a go :-)

I *thought* that was just for running Windows/Windows Apps on a Mac -- but I might be wrong!

It would seem not, which is why it piqued my interest.

Oh funky. I know it's a product they bought from a company calle Connectix(sp?) which used to just do that... but obviously they've developed it a bit more. Nifty stuff.

I installed it (finally) and it is very much like VMWare. I'll download MS Exchange and Server and see what I can destroy :-)

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