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Well it's 2:50am and I'm awake, and been surfing the net on my parents PC for the last hour or so (thank God they have ADSL).

I don't think it's the lag of jet keeping me awake, more this evil cold I think I caught from Lu's Mum and Dad. Strange really, because is the first cold I've caught since going to Brazil. I was hoping I'd shaken it, because it was mostly bad on Saturday night, but it seems to have come back for more.

I don't feel as banjaxed emotionally as I thought I might coming back to the UK, if anything I feel quite calm and relaxed... almost cold. The only thing that was REALLY worrying me on the plane was the Visa issue, but it seems that this has been solved thanks to Lu calling the Federal Police. It was the closest I've come to the Police during this whole issue, and it kinda put the frighteners on me. Hopefully someone upstairs will smile on me on the return, and I won't have any issues (I'm sure I'll be worrying about it the whole flight back). The idea will be to return to Brazil, and stay there. I'm thinking of taking some more clothes back, some other bits 'n bobs that Mum has not really been able to post, and maybe even my bike (I will check with the airline). I mentioned all this to Lu, including the bike, and she said that she kinda expected that I would bring my bike back.

I flew this time with KLM (Royal Dutch airlines). The plane had a spectacular entertainment system. I'm used to the ole TV's in the back of seats, and the standard scheduled movies, but this one was even more excellent. Basically you had a choice of about 50 movies, and various TV and music. Using the standard wired control device that can be removed from the arm rest (and that doubled as a phone) you could select any of these, and then choose to play, pause, forward and rewind them whenever you wanted. Very very nice. I only watched Starsky & Hutch (which was vaguely amusing... very vaguely) and paused it while I slept. Anyway, very nice idea.

It's a shame that the entertainment system idea can't be applied to airports. Airports really are the most tedious of places. Brazil seems to have this way of wanting to piss everyone off when it comes to anything officious. For example, at the airport they had 1 guy working at passport control (the guy I mentioned previously who scared the bejesus out of me). The queue was so long that the girl organising the queue was having to call people forward because their flights were boarding, and lots of people were getting very very upset. I had a similar problem when I entered the country the first time. It's crazy, because there are so many unemployed people, and you can go into the smallest of shops and find ten people working there. Just another country idiosyncrasy :-)

I spoke with Lu when I arrived (over IM) just to let her know I was OK. She was a bit quiet, which I found slightly odd. Maybe I was a bit hyper from having landed though, and I'm sure she was worrying about her trip. It kinda saddens and frustrates me that she is quiet over IM with me, as I know for a fact she spends a lot of her working day chatting away to friends over IM, yet she's always very stilted and slow replying to me, principally with one word answers. Curiously though Lu is kinda quiet in real life also, she's not hugely extrovert and chatty, but thankfully (for me) she's not hugely introverted either. I guess there's a nice balance there, although she's not at all demonstrative (this being a shame because I like it). Again though, I still find it a little sad. We're supposed to be in a relationship together... she should talk to me about anything and everything. I wish she wasn't so stubborn, and a little more open. A little more mature in this respect I guess.

So the plan for tomorrow (well, today now) is to go to my sister's in the morning and see my crazy nephews. I'll probably stay there until Friday, then return with them as it's Mum's birthday on Saturday, and there's a big family thing.

I have to say I'm very happy with my life right now. Things are pretty good with Lu. (although I continue to moan on here... I guess I'm always after perfection, just like Lu. Perhaps we were made for each other!) It's great to be back in the UK for this short break. It seems like I have a job in Brazil, and I really love being in Brazil with Lu also. I guess I'm hungry now for the relationship with Lu to progress, but I'm guessing we're going to have to wait another 6 months to a year before things can move on to marriage and/or getting a place together (I'm not going to buy a place there... well I won't be able to buy a place there, or feel safe to invest in a place with Lu, unless we're married and I have some rights). So I'll try and enjoy the here and now for a while and take a rain check in a few months.

"Children have neither a past nor a future. Thus they enjoy the present, which seldom happens to us." -- Jean de la Bruyere

I had a shower when I got back as I felt like the collected grime of the world was glued to me (airplane environments make my skin even more oily than it normally is, which is saying something. Oh the curse that is seborrheic dermatitis). I've always been a shower junkie (mainly because of the SD, which is alleviated a lot by keeping my eyes and the skin on my face meticulously clean), but the chance to have a power shower after 5 months of somewhat less than powerful showers, was incredible. I felt like 5 months worth of grime was washed away, and my skin seemed to be gleaming and my usually sore eyes felt wonderful.


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In other news, I got a lovely email from someone about

I just want to say how grateful I am for your excellent FAQ page on the movie and for the screen play script – done by yourself no less! What patience and focus.

My daughter and grand-daughter showed me the film earlier this year and I think it is very exciting and far more challenging than most stuff we watch at the cinema or on TV.

I was very happy to find your material as I have been able to copy some and pass to my grand-daughter.

It’s very heartening for me – an old horse of 58 years old – to find stimulating material put out by an intelligent young man. So much I research these days offers polarized half inforamation, half completed research, old ideas, annoyingly shallow analysis etc. I really enjoy your site – it is intelligent, informative, honest and very human.

Long may you continue to post material for us to enlighten and inform ourselves.
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