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Just reading this article based on Tony Blair's (pronounced Bleuuuugh) twice-yearly appearance before the Commons liaison committee.

Firstly this whole "ah well, Saddam must have destroyed or hidden the WMD's" thing is just a load of escapist crap. Why couldn't he have just come out with the truth in that either they attacked Iraq for other reasons, the intelligence was rubbish, and/or we were just sucking up to the USA (perhaps the latter based on this bone chilling comment 'other countries would "give their eye-teeth" to be in a similar position').

Secondly, he says that 'Guantanamo Bay was "an anomaly that at some point has to be brought to an end'. An anomaly?! No shit! A country (or more specifically a government) that prides itself on freedom and justice ignores both. It also transpires that the majority of prisoners will most likely be freed, so what the hell was it all about? There's some deep dark nonsense going on here.

Thirdly, 'Mr Blair said extensive house building would go ahead in south-east England but insisted there was "no question of concreting over" the green belt'. Wonderful, so even more houses, making the south-east even more unlikely of ever being liveable for a single person on an average salary and turning the south-east into even more of an eye sore. Why he, or the Conservatives, didn't step in years/decades ago and cap the housing price rise is beyond me.

When will politics ever vaguely resemble common sense...

From chatting with Lu yesterday it sounds like she had a horrendous journey.

She said her seat didn't recline enough for her to be able to sleep (I don't quite understand this, but anyway... she said it was the same as any other seat on the plane, plus I've seen her fall asleep sitting on a sofa. Even I, with my super insomnia, can fall asleep on a plane!). Anyway, I didn't push it. She seemed as grouchy as hell.

When she got to the USA she was fingerprinted, they opened up all her bags, made her empty her purse which promptly all fell on the floor. She'd forgotten that she had taken scissors in her hand luggage and these were confiscated (she was taking a further flight to Manchester, NH). She was also made to take off her shoes (checking for the dreaded sneaker bombs I guess!). Then her hand luggage was deemed too big to take on as hand luggage, so she had to open it and remove the delicate stuff so she could take this on separately and send the rest as normal luggage.

I've been awake half the night, and the last few nights with a stinking cold (it started with a vengeance on Saturday).

I thought I felt weird on Friday when I was swimming, I just felt totally devoid of energy, even more so than usual.

I've had so little sleep I don't feel good at all, and I'm sure it's going to catch up with me. It's bad timing and a real shame because I've got so much to do and catch up on here, and I'm trying to spend a lot of time with my sister and nephews.

I came to my sister's yesterday, and the nephews were particularly crazy. We took them for their second introduction to "big school" i.e. when they start attending school full time.

Jo has a doctor's appointment today, so I'm going to walk down and collect them from preschool before lunch. Then the plan is to go swimming this afternoon.

Tomorrow Jo and I might be going to Bluewater in the evening, not that I've got any money to spend.

It's Mum's birthday on Saturday, so we're all returning on Friday, and my sister et al will stay the weekend.

I would also like to try and watch Kill Bill Vol. 2 somewhere if possible, as it isn't out in Brazil until later in the year. I'll see if can find somewhere closeby, as the Odeon Guildford ain't showing it.

I had a weird contact from a Norweigan wood pulping company that want a contact "on the ground" in Brazil (based on a posting I made on a job forum).

They might interview me in London this or next week. The money is relatively good, based on the fact it's part time (and they say still open to negotation). At least twice what Lu is earning proportionately. Of course there's the whole issue of Visas etc. Not sure what they're intending to do about that... again I'll only be counting my chickens when they're collecting their pension.

I've been treading around the edges of my feelings towards Lu, or more specifically the absence of Lu.

I definitely miss her, but I don't feel dreadful about it. I'm so used to feeling utterly dreadful when I'm away from a girlfriend that this feels kinda odd, like an absence of feeling. Does that make sense? My gut says that this is right and there's nothing to worry about, and I need to trust those gut feelings more. Equally those hugely passionate feelings for Lu can't be expected 100% of the time any more, now that things are calming down. This ain't the movies!

I was kinda pissed off about the way she was on IM yesterday, but it was understandable based on her day to that point. I was (and still am) tired also, which didn't help, and I was expecting too much. I've had a couple of emails since that made up for it. I think she must have thought I had read her email before talking to her over IM.

Again I wish Lu was a bit more thoughtful and loving, and not buried in herself from a selfishness and stubborness point-of-view. But I'm not going to be able to change her...
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