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I ought to add that Briony and I spent a nice evening together (on the Monday) watched "One Night at McCool's" and ate Chinese. Briony wanted to watch the film as it featured an A-Ha track.

Tuesday we both slept in til midday, then went to Guildford for some lunch, then went on to Jo's. It was a really great day, except for the fact I was feeling tired and depressed.

I suppose I blew it when I asked her if she wanted to meet again, although I can't quite understand why. I also can't understand why she didn't want to arrange a date last night. Maybe she wants to check if she has better options on Maybe she wants to ditch me remotely.

"Learning how to deal with a broken heart is part of growing up" .... or something.

Sometimes I wish I had an off button with built-in sleep timer, so I could wake up in a day or two and this fucking cold would be gone.
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