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Still suffering with this goddamn cold, although it's really just a cough now.

This morning went to Guildford with the folks. I bought about 20 pairs of socks (I seem to have virtually none left) and spotted (and bought) a rare nice T-Shirt in Next. Popped into HMV and picked up Unbreakable and Starship Troopers in their DVD sale, but then put 'em back :-) (I resisted!) But I still got Underworld, the Shaun of the Dead soundtrack, and Gilles Peterson's in Brazil. Managed to find some Union Jack stickers in Woolworths, which was one of the things Lu wanted.

When I got back (at 12ish pm) I gave Lu a call at her hotel (at 7ish am there) to check she was OK, and just to have a quick chat. It was wonderful and lovely to talk to her, and I can't wait to see her again and give her a hug! I said I'd call her again on Thursday (mental note, although I'm unlikely to forget).

After lunch I headed off to Halfords to see if I could find any better Union Jack stickers, but they were similar to the ones I bought in Woolworths (they didn't have any of the reverse car sticker type). So I've given up trying to find something better for now until I get to the airport for my depature on Saturday (there should be one or two patriotic shops there, from memory).

I also popped to PC World in Farnborough to check out their component store, but it was a bit lacklustre. I couldn't see any processors, and their weren't any normal cooling fans. Suffice to say there was the normal queue at the Customer Service desk, which I wasn't going to bother with joining. I was thinking about upgrading Mum and Dad's PC, but they don't seem terribly motivated about it, so on second thoughts it's not worth worrying about too much. While I was in there though there was the most incredibly loud jet engine noise, and I twigged that they must be practicising for the air show. It wasn't just an above averagely loud jet engine, it was an ear shatteringly mind numbing blast of noise (and I was inside the store!). I went outside to see an F18 doing loop-dee-loops (and other cool stunts with probably equally cool sounding names that I can't for the life of me remember, or care about). I would certainly love to do this kind of thing myself, but the thought of sitting for hours on end watching it doesn't appeal at all. I always seem to be more of a doer than a watcher (when it comes to this type-a-thing) at least in spirit.

Have also ordered some other bits 'n bobs over the last couple of days. I think I mentioned Hawk the Slayer for Lu, plus I ordered Black Books Season 2, and 10 Verbatim DVD+RW's (for Lu's new laptop with rather flashy DVD writer). On the latter I saved about 50% on shop prices by buying 'em off the Internet. I seriously need to backup and archive, and was tempted by a 200Gb disk in PC World for £99. But I resisted. It will just encourage me to keep more junk data which I ought to get rid of (kinda like buying way too many cupboards).

In theory I'm going to Terry's tonight, most likely for a gaming session (either Red Alert 2, Generals, or Emperor of Dune). I kinda can't stand the competitive feelings it raises in me, but no doubt I'll do it all the same. I'm sure it's gonna be even worse being in close proximity to everyone. I guess I could take some of the games I brought back with me to show to my brother-in-law (who didn't seem all that interested after all that).

I also need to promise myself to rein in the spending. After this little spend during the last couple of weeks I need to keep a very close eye from now on in Brazil, and log all that is spent, and most importantly keep within my budget. The lack of money is a bit depressing, as is the lack of nice car... well, any car, but I need to remember there are way more important things in life (which I'm getting instead). I don't want to end up in the kind of lifestyle where I'm worried if I have the latest mobile phone etc.
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