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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Man in shower weight loss bizarreness
Music (Beck)
How is it I can lose weight during a shower? Today there was definitely no ablutions to speak of, and I'm not caked in grit, yet I lost 0.4kg. Perhaps I'm sweating it out? The shower was quite hot... (although not very powerful, sniff, sniff... I miss powerful showers!)

In other news I finally "found" Deacon Blue's Greatest Hits album, so I can enjoy the 80s wonders that were "Real Gone Kid", "Wages Day", "Chocolate Girl" and the most wonderful version of "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" (to which I've shed a few tears in my time).

I've also "found" the Garden State soundtrack (albeit that I won't see the film for a 1000 millennia). I particularly like the track by Frou Frou, but also one of the track that isn't on the album (or at least this version) and I got elsewhere called Such Great Heights by The Postal Service. I would like to get the album by The Postal Service and Frou Frou.


I was also going to take a risk, and try a local (very local) one-man-band type hairdressers. Unfortunately he was shut, so I guess I'll go later. Hopefully I'll return looking at least somewhat like the person I was before, and won't regret the cheap but cheerful decision...

My cold is still running amok, and unfortunately I'm getting a cold sore as well :-( (I always have that mental image of an alarm clock ticking on my lip, thanks to some TV ads back in the UK). I hope and pray that it doesn't turn into some lip based monster. I'm cancelling my Portuguese classes but have no choice really with my teaching classes. Fortunately today isn't a very bad day in terms of quantity of lessons, although I have my *worst* teenage class. Tomorrow is my worst day, so lets hope I feel a bit better...

Has anyone got any good ideas on what to talk to teenagers about, with a view to them learning English? I guess it has to be themed on the idea of reading, writing, listening, or speaking... I will check with the co-ordinator at the school to see if there's any process I need to follow, but they're so damn quick that we finish the structured lesson in far less than the allotted hour (whereas my adult classes would need 2 hours to finish properly!).

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The postal service is WONDERFUL. Yummy Stuff.

Hmmm, cool :-)

my mum used to teach english to teenagers and she often took her materials from some entertainment and travel magazines in english. she said teenagers enjoyed talking about their favourite celebrities and were generally interested in travelling the world, even if most of them didn't really know their geography. she also taught them grammar through some pop songs. ones with grammatically correct lyrics, of course. hope that'll give you some ideas. :)

Thanks, that's some good ideas. I'll try and find some magazines...

Maybe you should just.... download..... Garden State. If you can find it, that is. Heh... I love its soundtrack too.

I can't find it... sniff sniff :-(

I don't know if this applies to secondary languages, but my favorite English Teacher for Poetry and Prose would invite us to bring tapes (dating myself) of our favorite songs and we would breakdown the lyrics. He in turn would bring his favorites and explain what they could mean, and what they meant to him. It is how I came to appreciate Simon & Garfunkle's 'Sounds of Silence' and 'Boxer'.

It was SO much fun. We would be doing one of his oldies and then manage to have an intelligent conversation about alliteration in some Kiss song someone brought in.

I was thinking of using song lyrics. I'm not sure if *anything* is going to interest teenagers, but we'll see...

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