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Man in shower weight loss bizarreness

How is it I can lose weight during a shower? Today there was definitely no ablutions to speak of, and I'm not caked in grit, yet I lost 0.4kg. Perhaps I'm sweating it out? The shower was quite hot... (although not very powerful, sniff, sniff... I miss powerful showers!)

In other news I finally "found" Deacon Blue's Greatest Hits album, so I can enjoy the 80s wonders that were "Real Gone Kid", "Wages Day", "Chocolate Girl" and the most wonderful version of "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" (to which I've shed a few tears in my time).

I've also "found" the Garden State soundtrack (albeit that I won't see the film for a 1000 millennia). I particularly like the track by Frou Frou, but also one of the track that isn't on the album (or at least this version) and I got elsewhere called Such Great Heights by The Postal Service. I would like to get the album by The Postal Service and Frou Frou.


I was also going to take a risk, and try a local (very local) one-man-band type hairdressers. Unfortunately he was shut, so I guess I'll go later. Hopefully I'll return looking at least somewhat like the person I was before, and won't regret the cheap but cheerful decision...

My cold is still running amok, and unfortunately I'm getting a cold sore as well :-( (I always have that mental image of an alarm clock ticking on my lip, thanks to some TV ads back in the UK). I hope and pray that it doesn't turn into some lip based monster. I'm cancelling my Portuguese classes but have no choice really with my teaching classes. Fortunately today isn't a very bad day in terms of quantity of lessons, although I have my *worst* teenage class. Tomorrow is my worst day, so lets hope I feel a bit better...

Has anyone got any good ideas on what to talk to teenagers about, with a view to them learning English? I guess it has to be themed on the idea of reading, writing, listening, or speaking... I will check with the co-ordinator at the school to see if there's any process I need to follow, but they're so damn quick that we finish the structured lesson in far less than the allotted hour (whereas my adult classes would need 2 hours to finish properly!).
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