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Shucks. I was taking Galileu for a walk, and I was waiting outside for Lu as she was coming with me. Galileu is always a bit frantic and he was pulling very hard backwards against the lead... and the damn collar came off! He then ran down the road and I was thinking "oh fuck I've lost Lu's dog!" as I ran after him. There were a couple of guys further down the road waiting by a car, and there was a small poodle with them, and of course Galileu attacked it. He picked it up 2 or 3 times and shook it, and then the dog ran into the house of these guys with Galileu chasing him. I chased after Galileu and managed to pin him and spent a minute or two trying to get the collar back on him. The guys weren't abusive, but were pretty firm with me, I couldn't really understand what they were saying though and I was shaken by what had happened. I just said I lived nearby and took Galileu back to the house. One of the guys followed me back and Lu had by that time got to the gate, he said to her that Galileu may have "killed their dog", and, "what we were going to do" etc. etc. Anyway, he went back to his house then returned to say there were two cuts on the dog, and he wanted us to go with him to the vet to pay for the cuts to be looked at. Lu and Lu's Dad have gone. Lu didn't want me to go in case some argument happened.

Oof, I'm just shocked. No. 1 that I nearly lost Lu's family's dog, and No. 2 that he attacked and hurt this other dog. I feel shocked and guilty :-(
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