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I was ploughing through my old MP3 player yesterday, my 40Gb Nomad Jukebox 3, and uploading lots of favourite albums back to the PC. I'm finding that at the moment I'm using the PC and Winamp a lot, linked to my home cinema setup. What's particularly good is that I can get one of the speakers into the shower room, so I can listen to music and shower. Bliss!

Even better is I've just rediscovered Ozric Tentacles. Amazing how some music from the past just drops away, but other music has a long-lasting effect.

I'm really struggling to find anything new in music I like at the moment. I listened to Franz Ferdinand after hearing so much about them, but it sounds much like the other "indy" bands of late and does nothing much for me. I miss the various friends I had at University and College that would always switch me on to some odd and original group that I had missed.

Any musical suggestions are much appreciated, but ideally something with an original sound.
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