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In the news

Looming pitfalls of work blogs. Nice article here at the Beeb, more so on the types of work based blogs out there. I can sympathise with some of this, particularly as someone who was fired from a company over Internet usage, albeit unfairly.

Did animals have quake warning?. Interesting article about whether animals have a six sense, although is somewhat low on actual science. I was reading a Portuguese article yesterday about the quake and it seemed that the majority of people had about 3 hours from the quake occurring to actually being hit, I think up to a maximum of 6 hours in Africa. I wonder if there would have been any chance for anyone to have been contacted in 3 hours (assuming the quake or tsunami could have been detected instantly). Perhaps they will setup a detection system, but humanity tends to be quick to forget disasters over the time-scale it takes for another one to occur, so I wonder if it would do any good. Also I've never really understood why the news makes a big thing of how many citizens died relative to the country for that particular news service died, "150,000 people died, but good God, 200 of them were British!". Does it really matter? Shouldn't this be an article footnote, rather than a headline.

California's porn industry HIV scare. Not so much the article in total, but this quote is great, "The adult movie industry in Los Angeles generates nearly half as much revenue as mainstream Hollywood...".
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