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In the news...

Tsunami man survives week at sea. Incredible survival story of a man who survived on driftwood eating coconuts after being washed out to sea.

Blog reading explodes in America. Read USA, but I would guess it's exploding all over the world.

Blockbuster games battle for 2004 crown. Which reminds me that I ought to finish Half Life 2, although I'm not enamoured with it so far.

Weak end-of-year sales hit Next. Maybe it's just me, but Next's clothes seem to be getting worse and worse. I bought a lot a few years back, but struggle to find anything now.

Why are we so grumpy? In reference to why the British are so grumpy. The article does make me wanna buy the books Crap Cars, Crap Jobs and Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation though :-) And I've finally discovered what a "chav" is (I hadn't bothered to search before) and found a link to another great book, The Hypochondriac's Handbook: An Illness for Every Occasion, a Disease for Every Symptom. To the presents cave...

And the Back to Mine fest continues. Underworld's album is superb!
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