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There was this hilarious post on about some guy asking for more tips on meeting women.

Even more hilarious was one of the replies, but it had some really useful advice I guess:

"A good sense of humour is amazingly attractive to most girls . They want a
man who is FUN to be with .If you can make a girl laugh you're 90% there .
If you have a good sense of humour-use it at every appropriate opportunity .
If you haven't-

WORK on it - and develop one . This can be done - watch those that have this
and use their techniques - try the one that suits your personality
best-experiment ."

"A strong personality draws most girls . They really do go for a man who
knows what he wants to do - no matter what anybody else thinks about him .

Girls are also drawn to confident men who are assertive , positive and don't
dither . If you are less than confident - don't show it . LOOK CONFIDENT .
How do you do this? TRY-study body language , either get a book on this or
just observe & imitate any confident men you see around you . Stand up
straight ,never fidget , head up high , slow ,steady movements and above all
EYE to EYE contact at all times . You know the things I mean -observe &
learn & apply ."
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