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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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I'm a sucker for a zombie
It's a shame Land of the Dead isn't out here in the UK until August, as it means I'll miss it (at the cinema at least). I really love zombie films (except for Shaun of the Dead which was a major disappointment).

What's your favourite zombie film?

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Shaun of the Dead isn't supposed to be a zombie film. It's about zombies, but it's more like Spaced as a movie, but it happens to have some zombies in it, and stuff. Well, I think. Certainly not to be taken seriously, that's for sure.

I enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, anyway.

Yeah, I didn't assume it was a serious film ;-) I thought compared to Spaced it was a world apart, with a couple of funny moments and not much else.

I'm with you on Shaun of the Dead. I thought it was too stretched out and the joke wore thin.

It seems a lot of people think Shaun of the Dead is equal to Spaced, but I thought Spaced was orders of magnitudes better.

I've never watched Spaced but I was told if you like Spaced you'll like Shaun of the dead. Then people who like Spaced told me it was much better than Shaun of the dead.

it won't play in brasil?! bah!

i loved sotd so much, but we never got to see spaced over here (er, until a cable channel started showing them edited, which i've gone on about before), so the humour was fresh to me. all the geek shoutouts were great tho, and i thought it was one of the best films of 2004.

the original dawn of the dead is my favourite zombie film, but i think the original night of the living dead was more important as far as what it did for the american film industry, and idependent filmmaking in general here. i haven't even watched the "remake" of dawn (fast zombies?! ick!). i'm also not very familiar with lucio fulci's work, so i might be missing out on the zombie films of his to consider...tho i doubt they'd ever step to romero's work in my mind.

(sorry, after almost making my 2nd "reply to my own comment cos i didn't proofread" comment, i decided to just delete and repost. :P)

There's no date for Brazil, but I guess it's a possibility. At worse it'll be buyable on Video CD from somewhere somewhere around the theatrical release date. I see the UK date has slipped to September now.

I thought there were a couple of funny moments in Shaun of the Dead (namely the bit with the record chucking at the zombie, and the zombie moaning music bit) but the rest was spread too thinly over the single joke, and got rather too black at times. Also I recognised a lot of it (including the pub sequences) as basically semi-copied sequences from Spaced, so I guess if you hadn't seen Spaced before it would have seemed a lot fresher. My advice though is do yourself a favour and get Spaced on DVD. It's some of the funniest and most original comedy I've seen in years.

I really like Dawn of the Dead, and 28 Days Later (which has a kinda updated zombie theme).

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