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Mad dogs and Englishmen

Sometimes I despair at my fellow man... well, more often than sometimes.

Today for example, I'm coming out of work and there are three drunk guys walking up West Street. The fairly typical UK moron, with shirt off, skinheads, tattoos etc. They were shouting obscene comments at any vaguely interesting woman. You might expect this at closing time in a city centre. But at 5:30pm on a Tuesday in Farnham? Bleugh.

Edit: And I just applied for a job at Google Brazil. Excellent job, very well matched to my CV, but we'll see...

Edit 2: And Jamiroquai's Dynamite is growing on me. It was a little odd to start with, but I'd read this in the reviews. Particular favourites so far are Seven Days and Electric Mistress.

Edit 3: And damn, I'm lovin' this weather at the moment!

Edit 4: Accounting, on again off again. I was dismayed to find that I'd put several items in my current account into the wrong column of my accounting spreadsheet, so I was significantly worse off than I thought. Then I noticed I'd mistyped one item in my C/C sheet incorrectly (£250 vs. £15) so that evened things up again. Easy come easy go :-)
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