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Microsoft frowned at for smiley patent. Ho hum.

(Oops, posted this in livejournal_uk by mistake again! I'm guessing there must be a setting somewhere in Semagic for resetting to the default journal after posting?...)

Brian Walden considers the impact the London bombings could have on British society. Everyone's entitled to their opinion of course, but this one worries me. Firstly, to say it's not important to understand why the bombers did what they did sounds ludicrous to me, equally when comparing it with the Nazis. To not understand either is to not understand the root cause. We may not be able to prevent it happening again, but to understand the motivation of anyone in this situation is vital to comprehending the event (and the news articles are very light on the why's behind this... all I hear is that they were a bit pissed off with being young Muslims in the UK, where they are more likely to be denied employment, and are generally not very well treated). Also to suggest that a wallet full of ID cards is the solution is equally ludicrous. ID cards will not stop terrorists, and won't put much of a dent in their ability to get around either. 3 out of 4 of those involved had never been arrested before, and even then one had only been arrested for shoplifting. Would he have been denied access to a public transport system for this? Come on...
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