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Watched a couple of very sad documentaries last night on Discovery.

The first was a reconstruction of the last hour of Flight 11, the first plane that crashed into the WTC on 9/11. They'd woven a few individual stories into the reconstruction, including that of a woman who worked in the WTC and just found out she was pregnant that morning. Also they placed an emphasis on the air stewardesses that had been on the plane, and how they had been heroines in some of the things they had done. They started to explain some of the reasoning behind the terrorists, that they were members of an extreme Muslim sect. But they didn't explain why they had done it.

The second was about Auschwitz, the largest concentration camp the Germans built during World War 2. It mostly focused on the corruption at the camp, and how large amounts of gold, jewels and money were stolen from the Jewish prisoners before most of them were murdered. The camp was mostly a playground for the SS officers who worked there. They also described some of the experiments the infamous Mengele performed on children, including experimenting on twins. If one died during the experiments he would then murder the other to do a comparative autopsy. Another story was of a 21 year old female SS officer (her age at the end of the war), who had been a simple farm girl before she was recruited. She was extremely sadistic, and would shoot people where they stood if she took offence to them. She was sentenced to death and executed, aged 22, at the war crimes trials following the war. They showed some aerial shots of Auschwitz today, which seems to have been left mostly untouched, and the camp is vast.

Of course all horrible nasty sad stuff, but I think it's very important that we all watch things like this to see what mankind is capable of. It beggars belief.
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