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Pressure grows over Menezes probe. The silence from the IPCC continues to be deafening, as leaked documents give a very different version of events to that which have been implied previously. Surely what happened is a matter of record and it ought to be relayed to the press. Why it happened and what should be done to prevent it next time is a matter for any inquiry, which should be public as requested by the family of Menezes. The police and army are too fond of their own internal inquiries.

iPod users hearing damage warning. Of course when the BBC say iPod they mean MP3 player. So the ole topic of "using headphones with loud music" is doing the rounds again.

Calls to close dissident's radio. MPs are calling on the government to close down a London-based radio station broadcasting in Iraq and Saudi Arabia that calls for attacks on UK troops.

BA to investigate Heathrow strike. The airline says in its weekly newsletter that it will not be paying staff who took unofficial action. Damn right too! I've said it before and I'll say it again, given the choice I would NEVER fly with BA. They just love their strikes too much.

Letter size to affect post cost. The cost of posting letters and parcels will depend on their size and shape as well as weight from September 2006.

Long working hours 'health risk'. More obvious stuff from the "scientists".

Asymmetrical men 'are a turn-off'. Women whose partners have asymmetrical bodies are turned off by them and attracted to other men at certain times of the month, a US study suggests. Clearly asymmetry denotes bad genes, not good for procreation.

'Silent aircraft' design launched. Plans for the world's first completely silent aircraft have been unveiled by Cambridge University engineers.

Ex-AOL man jailed for e-mail scam. It's a fair cop!
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