The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

So went to London again yesterday. Weather was crap. I hate the rain.

Went to Camden first, and whilst Mi Linda did a mega browse of the record shop, I went to a place called High Jinks and bought 4 rather nice (but expensive) T-Shirts.

After this we tried to find Cyberdog. We walked for about 5 minutes out of Camden centre to the relevant road, but it didn't look right. It was just houses. What with the weather, I didn't feel like traipsing up and down trying to find it from there.

Then I grabbed a burger and Mi Linda grabbed a banana shake at this rather shite looking cafe. But in true London fashion the food was gorgeous!

I really rather liked Camden. It's a really unusual place, and certainly has a really nice atmosphere to it. I forgot to mention that we went to the markets as well, and although they had some great clothes I didn't really fancy any of it, except perhaps a T-Shirt or two.

Then we continued onwards to the museums, although we really only had time for the Science museum. tbh it wasn't particularly brilliant. I wanted to go to the Bond exhibit, but it was fully booked. Half term was probably not a good time to go.

Then we went to head home, and some poor bugger had fallen on the lines at Victoria, hence the Underground was murder. So we got a taxi to Whitehall, to see Westminster Bridge, and then continued on the Underground to Waterloo, and then home. Mi Linda seemed tired and didn't want to go back uptown.
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