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Manners guide for the modern girl. The Good Housekeeping guide produces its guide to manners for the 21st century woman, including that you should kiss on both cheeks, but not three times like those naughty French. Since when did women kiss at all in the UK, let alone on both cheeks?! I guess I should have been worried when I read it was described as the "guide for the Sex in the City generation".

Britain in sexual health 'crisis'. You could wait up to 9 weeks to be seen for an urgent sexual health appointment at one of the UK sex health clinics. Hmmm, sounds like the NHS is back up to standard again!

Chewbacca star becomes US citizen. Now the question is, is that a Chewbacca inspired haircut, or did the haircut inspire Chewbacca?...

Grandmothers don't feel their age. I guess we ought to throw off this convention of grandmothers being 110 years old and wearing electrically heated slippers. Legally a grandmother could be about 33.5, in the UK at least. And I guess the same applies for Grandfathers also...

When hunting people is a career. And Domino is finally released, based on the bizarre true story of a model turned bounty hunter, the daughter of Laurence Harvey. Despite Richard Kelly having the screenplay writing credit it isn't getting good reviews. But it is a Tony Scott film... anyway I'll reserve judgement for when I see it.
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